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The science of wellbeing.

Meeting you where you're at and restoring health 


Feel better. Think better. Perform better.

Have you received a diagnosis of ADHD and looking at ways to manage it more naturally? It may be your ADHD that has driven your anxiety, and poor eating habits and is partly the reason you are burnt out. Understanding WHY you are feeling the way you are is my first aim and I love exploring the link between the neurodivergent brain and gut health because the two are so intertwined.


Feeling low or having suboptimal health is not normal, and you shouldn't accept it. 

Mental health is complex, it's not as simple as a lack of happy hormones. Years of research have helped us understand that mental health has genetic and environmental components. You may have a genetic predisposition to depression or anxiety, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you will get it, or that that is the sole reason for your poor mental health. The environment has a large role to play, and this is made up of diet, lifestyle and stressors.  

I love to explain how our bodies work and uncover why you may be feeling the way you are - getting to the root cause of your symptoms. Once we understand these we can together work on a nutrition, supplement and lifestyle plan to help get you feeling better than you do today. 

Symptoms are the body's way of showing us that something isn't working correctly. Anxiety, depression, brain fog, physical and mental exhaustion and burnout are all signs of this. The work is designed to help your employees avoid these symptoms and live a healthy life that benefits them and the business.


How could we work together?

DC Nutrition works with many larger corporate companies, fast growing companies looking to take an interest in their employees health and wellbeing and currently most clients are in the consulting, FinTech and cyber sector. Get in touch to learn about the differing services and how each could support you and your business.

How can nutritional therapy help?

There is so much conflicting information about our health. Nutritional Therapy should be your first point of call when you have concerns about symptoms that are, or aren't being managed with medication. 


Poor Mental Health?

If you are concerned about the changes in your mood, behaviour or thinking  it might be worth looking at the nutrients you are putting in your body.


Digestion Problems?

Experiencing bloating, indigestion, new intolerances to food, changes in your appetite or irregular bowel functions a nutritional therapist could help.


Mood Swings?

Poor nutrition can easily lead to constant mood swings, a lack of motivation, be quick to irritability and more mood focused issues. 


Difficulty Sleeping?

If you are noticing issues in your sleep from difficulties in getting to sleep to interrupted or unrefreshing sleep, then get in touch for further discussions.


Immune Illnesses?

Work on recovery from frequent infections, lingering illnesses and repeated respiratory and/or stomach bugs.


Hormonal Concerns?

Get support on any hormonal, and reproductive symptoms you may be experiencing from painful/irregular periods, to menopausal symptoms.


Dana Chapman;

BSc (Hons) Nutrition Science , (mBANT), CNHC

helping you care for your mental health

I am Dana Chapman, founder of DC Nutrition. My aim is to offer scientific, evidence-based advice. Helping you discover how your body works and helping you achieve vibrant health today and in the future. This includes nutrition, supplement, lifestyle and personalised testing to support you and your body's needs. 

It's not just about food.

The Gut Brain axis is paramount in governing ADHD symptoms and how we feel, we eat well we feel good, we feel bad we eat poorly. It is not as simple as that, and nutritional therapy is only part of the answer. I am able to combine not only nutritional therapy but also elements of mental health wellbeing, exercise, NLP and much more.

I'm a Leadership Energy Coach, so energy is really important to me, it helps me show up in the right way for my clients. As a South Asian woman of a certain age, I hit the point when I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and knew that I had to get some practical support to get this level down. Along with that, I was also going through a period of intense headaches and wakefulness, probably linked to being post-menopausal. Yes, I did do lots of reading and surfing the internet, but I knew I needed a steady human guide by my side.

Dana's holistic approach now means that the headaches have been banished, my sleep is so much better and I have moved out of the danger zone on the diabetic scale.

What I really like about Dana, is the way she really made me feel that all my goals were achievable. She helped interpret complicated blood test results and was very clear about the benefits of various supplements that she recommended. Dana was a great champion along the way.
I can say without hesitation that she really knows her stuff and I am pretty sure that our connection will continue in the future.


From my kitchen,

to yours

Get started on your health journey with a few recipes from the DC Nutrition. Packed full of flavour, with a look at how food can be a catalyst for change.

Red Pepper and Bean Soup.png

Red Pepper and Bean Soup

Serves 2, and ready in 35 minutes.


Salmon Salad

Serves 2, and ready in 25 minutes.


Stewed Apples

Makes 8 servings, and ready in 15 minutes.

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