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Meet the founder

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Dana Chapman, Health and Wellness Practitioner

Nutritional Therapist. BSc (Hons) Nutrition Science , (mBANT), CNHC

I’m a health and wellness expert. I work with organisations and individuals who want to take control of their mental health. Mental health is complex, I educate, inspire and motivate in a holistic way. Empowering people with knowledge about how their bodies work, and how this knowledge can help you feel better, think better and perform better.

My training is in Nutrition Science, this incorporates elements of how genetics, stressors, environment, food, movement and sleep all impact how we feel think and perform. I bring this knowledge into every conversation I have when dealing with people both on a one to one basis and as groups. 



How am I qualified?

My passion for health and wellbeing lead  her to a career change; from a busy consulting firm to studying Nutrition Science and Functional Medicine. Nutrition science examines more than what you put into your body. It takes your whole ecosystem into account; genetics, lifestyle, pollution exposure, sleep, stress, exercise and past experiences. 


In my dissertation, as part of my Nutrition Science degree, I studied the link between stress, gut health and mental health, and this continues to be my passion and a message I want others to understand. 

BSc (Hons) Nutrition Science , (mBANT), CNHC



Mental Health

Understand your body better.

There is so much conflicting information when it comes to understanding our health, both physical and mental. DC Nutrition aim to simplify this information and educate people on how their bodies work, and how to get them to work better. 

The aim is to encourage people to feel better, think better and perform better, and the best way to achieve this is understanding how our bodies work and then how to get them to work at their best.


Get to know me more..

I am Dana Chapman, founder, and director at DC Nutrition Ltd. I have a passion for all things wellbeing, but most importantly looking at prevention rather than cure. I want to support you with living healthy today, so that you can plan feel better in the future.


I have a passion for Nutrition Science and Functional medicine and believe in supporting you through the journey to better mental health. As a health and wellness expert I believe in scientific, evidence-based research to help educate you about your body. I follow a holistic, educational based process in my programs, teaching you the fundamentals required to fuel your body the right way. 

The functional nutrition field looks to alleviate your symptoms by uncovering and understanding the root cause of these and using the diet to treat the root cause. Food is medicine, and I believe it’s her number one tool that is not only accessible to all but is also essential foundation of the vibrant health you deserve.

My mission is to empower people with knowledge about how their bodies work, and providing people with an understanding of how to take care of their bodies in achievable and implementable ways. My aim is help people enjoy life to the full.  

I am also a mother of 2 young boys, and a lover of exercise, sleep and good food! 

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