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How would it look to work with DC Nutrition?

I offer support on a 1-1 basis, in a corporate setting, through webinars, face-to-face and online.

My mission is to empower people with knowledge about how their bodies work, and providing people with an understanding of how to take care of their bodies in achievable and implementable ways. My aim is help people enjoy life to the full. 

I love helping people, but people often come to see me as a last resort, when they haven’t been able to get the answers, they are searching for anywhere else. And so, the journey back to health from this place is exactly that – it is a journey. Nutritional therapy is not a quick fix, it is estimated that for every year you have not been well, you should expect to take a month of healing. So, if you’ve had depression, or a gut that hasn’t quite been right for 10 years, then expect your healing journey to be at least 10 months long. But don’t worry – I’m here with you every step of the way!

We can’t gain an understanding of how our bodies work in an hour, or a day, so I don’t offer once off sessions either in the corporate world or when seeing individual clients. 


Let's take a look at those...

Industry Wellbeing Workshops
Retained Corporate

Industry Wellbeing Workshops

love sharing my passion and knowledge in mental health, and more specifically the role of the gut brain axis in mental health. I offer workshops/ guest speaking for organisations in the mental health space.



Retained Corporate Wellness Programs

One and done workshops are, or should be a thing of the past. With consistency comes change, and this is why I like to work alongside organisations to integrate my offerings within their organisation, helping their employees to think better, feel better and perform better.


My wellness programmes are centred around my GUT SAFE model and include workshops, nutritionist days in the office and documentation and challenges to keep employees motivated.



Personal Wellness and Nutritional Program

Working with people on a 1-2-1 basis still fills me with joy. We are all unique, what works for one person may or may not work for you. In working with individuals on a 1-2-1 basis I work through health goals, testing to identify imbalances and nutrient status, and from there I provide an informed, research based health plan which includes lifestyle recommendations, food and supplement plans.

Personal Wellness


The Gut Safe Podcast with Dana

Coming Soon! Watch this space for a new nutritional health podcast looking at all things gut health and how this can contribute to your own mental wellbeing.



What could you expect?

What can you expect? In your first consultation a detailed health history will be taken and Dana will explain which areas of the body need support and how you can work together to support them. You’ll leave the session with a detailed plan.

Return consultations will be used to check progress and tweak your plan as needed and according to your circumstances.

The functional nutrition field looks to alleviate your symptoms by uncovering and understanding the root cause of these and using the diet to treat the root cause. Food is medicine, and I believe it’s her number one tool that is not only accessible to all but is also essential foundation of the vibrant health you deserve.

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