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WPA Health Insurance 

So pleased to be able to say that Dana Chapman, of DC Nutrition, is

officially a WPA Health Insurance provider.

I am registered as a Dietician specialising in mental health, gut health and female hormones.

But, what is the difference between a Dietician and a Nutritional Therapist you might ask...

Dieticians normally provide dietary advice for specific medical conditions - very much diet-led. 

Nutritional therapists on the other hand provide a more holistic approach - we ask questions such as what is your genetic background, when did your symptoms start, what are your stress levels like, and what and how do you currently eat. We may even suggest testing (another exciting fact - WPA cover functional gut testing!). 

We investigate the root cause of poor health symptoms you may be having, and we offer dietary, supplement, testing and lifestyle advice to stop the symptoms from reoccurring. 


So if you are covered by WPA why not drop me a line if you experience poor mental health, poor gut health, or poor hormonal health, I guarantee you won't have anything to lose!

Health Insurance from WPA
UK Private Medical Insurance

WPA are a specialist UK not-for-profit health insurer offering award-winning health insurancesolutions to individuals, families and companies of all sizes. Whether you are looking for health insurance cover for yourself and your family, or healthcare solutions for businesses to support employee health and wellbeing, WPA's comprehensive range delivers products their members trust when they need us the most

Personal and family health insurance

Designed to look after the health and wellbeing of you and your family members. 

With WPA private medical insurance gives you the freedom to choose when, where and who provides your treatment.

With the WPA plans,  you are able to have quicker access to an extensive range of treatments and professionals, including dieticians.

Business health insurance

WPA have a range of healthcare solutions and advanced services to support employee health and wellbeing.

Your employees are important to your business and a healthcare scheme is a cost effective way to look after them.


WPA chooses to offer complete flexibility, helping you to build a scheme solution which meets your needs.

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